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The Kneipp treatment

 The Kneipp treatment

Modern Kneipp physiotherapy is classical naturopathy. Its virtues are underscored and scientifically proven in various medical fields.
The Kneipp therapy consists of 5 pillars:

  1. Hydrotherapy
    - a highly developed water treatment
  2. Exercise therapy
    - active physical movement
  3. Nutrition therapy
    - natural basic and wholefood diet
  4. Phytotherapy
    - the use of medicines on a vegetable basis
  5. Health maintenance therapy
    - active health care

Through its holistic therapy concept, the classical Kneipp treatment brings about harmony between body and soul. This comes about naturally thanks to the curative powers of water and plants, through individual exercise therapy, through a balanced diet and orderliness in one's rhythm of life.


 Kneipp treatment in Bad Kötzting

is recommended for:

  1. Prophylactic treatment
    increasing performance, restoring the immune system, toning up, overcoming stress
  2. Stabilization treatment
    exhaustion and overstrain conditions, sleeplessness, regulation disturbances of the internal organs, toning up after operations
  3. Metabolic treatment
    overweight, malnutrition, diabetes mellitus, gout, chronic constipation
  4. Exercise treatment
    spondylopathy and arthropathy, non-articular rheumatism syndrome, osteoporosis
  5. Heart and vascular treatment
    chronic venous diseases and subsequent treatment after operations, slight arterial circulatory disturbances in the legs, high and low blood pressure, heart diseases

 Your treatment schedule

is compiled individually by our specialist physicians.
It comprises:

  • Kneipp applications
    ablutions, cold affusions, wet dressings, partial and full baths, hay sacks, treading water, air bath
  • Physical therapy
    massages, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy
  • Terrain treatment paths
    physical stamina training
  • Exercise therapy
    exercises for the back bone, osteoporosis gymnastics, water gymnastics, breathing gymnastics, medical training therapy, venous gymnastics, vascular training, vitality diagnostics
  • Health maintenance training
    dietary training, smokers' detoxication
  • Relaxation techniques