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Exhibitions and festivals

Art exhibition during the Whitsun Festivities

Within the scope of the Whitsun Festival Week, Bad Kötzting organizes an art exhibition at the parish centre ( next to the catholic parish church ). This exhibition is meant as a forum for artists living in Eastern Bavaria and nearby Czechia, offering an occasion not only for professional and academic artists organized in associations, but also for committed and recognized self taught artists to present their creations.

This sales exhibition will mostly show paintings, but also includes sculptures and photography. 111 exhibits are on display (69 paintings and graphic art, 23 sculptures and objects, 19 photographies) and art lovers will find an interesting cross-section through artistic creations in Eastern Bavaria.

Open from May 28th to June 18th, 2017

Information: Tourist-Info Bad Kötzting, Tel. +499941/ 400 32 150


Old Bavarian Folk Art Exhibition

Bad Kötzting artists will be presenting their exhibits of old Bavarian folk art in the Balkenzimmer of Haus des Gastes. The spectrum of the work will range from monastery work, by way of verre églomisé pictures, Holy Ghost spheres, votive pictures right up to small devotional pictures. This exhibition can be enjoyed while sitting comfortably and listening to local folk music.

Information:  Ms Brigitte Ertl, Tel.: +499941/ 8546

Whit Ride Museum

The Whit Ride Museum housed in the Kirchenburg providing information about the Whit ride opened its doors on Whit in 1996. Shown here are pictures, documents and old traditional costumes of this important rider pilgrimage.

Information: Ms Bachl,
Stadt Bad Kötzting, Tel.: +499941/ 602123


The Art Gallery in Woferlhof

offers contemporary art - prints, paintings, sculptures - in the main house throughout the year and also in the barn in the summer months in changing and permanent exhibitions.

Artists exhibiting in this gallery include

Thomas Bindl, Ulrich Binegger, Hans Dumler, Irene Fastner, Manfred Feddersen, the estate of August Philipp Henneberger, Heiko Herrmann, Hubertus Hess, Manfred Hollmann, Renate and Peter Kobbe, Marita Kusch, Maria Maier, Josef G. Miller, Tomas Nittner, Jürgen Reipka, Elisabeth Schickling, Hannes Steinert, Stefan Zeiler.


Opening times:
Thursdays and Sundays: 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.
and on appointment by telephone

Galerie im Woferlhof, Achim Lerche,
Wettzeller Strasse 207, D-93444 Bad Kötzting-Wettzell
Tel.: +499941/ 905315, Fax: +499941/ 905316


Open Air Theatre in Bad Kötzting:
Classical drama in the Bavarian language

For some time already, Bad Kötzting’s Open Air Theatre Festival has been the outstanding event in Eastern Bavaria offering amateur theatre at its best.

The underlying idea is to translate the texts of classics into the Bavarian language and then present them to a large public – a unique and successful concept.

Ancient times up-to-date: Lysistrata in Bavaria 2019

The Women’s Strike

The subject of Aristophanes’ well-known comedy “Lysistrata” is still up-to-date: Men’s constant urge to fight and wage wars had already put them at odds with the women of ancient Athens. While their husbands are wasting their energy in war games, their wifes take over at home, led by Lysistrata, who is as smart as she is vigorous. Upon their return, the men find castle and hoard occupied by women. To make matters worse, the women had also declared war in bed. They had sworn to withhold themselves until their husbands would be willing to renounce any warfare. Needless to say that this withdrawal led to tensions and emotions which almost couldn’t be tamed. Eventually the women’s plan seems to work: Worn out by the “women’s strike”, the men give in, celebrating the reconciliation with a huge feast… But is really all well that ends well?

The Festspielgemeinschaft Kötzting is presenting a bulging and jovial theatre experience. Their picturesque open air stage is located on a hill surrounded by the woods of Bad Kötzting’s “Ludwigsberg” neighbourhood. Authors Johannes Reitmeier and Thomas Stammberger have moved the setting of Aristophanes’ play in a small Bajuwaric village, sticking to their successful concept of interpreting classics of world literature in Bavarian dialect. Our forefathers were far from peaceful and a “women’s strike” will sometimes be serious, but also sturdy and saucy, full of humour and irony, and never boring, that’s for sure.

Performances in 2019 ( beginning at 20.30 ):

July 27th (Premiere) / 28th / 30th
August 02nd / 03rd / 04th / 06th / 09th / 10th

Advance sale of tickets:

From Dezember 03rd, 2018, please visit or or send your request to: Tourist-Information Bad Kötzting, Tel.: +499941/ 400 32 153


Das Pfingstlspiel

Ancient traditions as laid down by Karl B. Krämer, in a revised version by Johannes Reitmeier

Ancient traditions come alive through this impressive street theatre play. The central character, called “Pfingstl”, is a truly strange guy in a green dress of fir branches, who symbolizes fertility and growth. But before he can take over, and spring time along with him, winter and its ghosts must be chased away. The latter, however, appear in their costumes, making people afraid with their noise and menacing movements. 

But the people join forces, they use fire and piercing cries to get rid of this “cold lot”. At long last, the time has come to dance around the “Pfingstl” and to celebrate the beginning of spring time.

Street theatre beginning at 09.00 p.m. in front of the Town Hall of Bad Kötzting.
Admission free

08. / 09. June 2019




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