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Guided Tour

Kirchenburg (church surrounded by fortifications)

Baroque parish church in the uniquely preserved castle. It was the ancestral seat of the people of Chosting in the 12th century, the official building of the County and Guardian Court in 1361, and today is the parish court and rectory.

St. Veit's Church

Built prior to 1250, destroyed by the Swedes in 1633, rebuilt afterwards. Outside, on the front side of the choir, a free-standing altar with votive picture is to be found. 

Marienbrunnen (Our Lady´s Fountain) in front of St. Veit's Church

Octagonal fountain, built in 1800. Our Lady´s columm erected in 1903. 

Wallfahrtskirche Weissenregen (Pilgrimage Church)

Rococo building from the middle of the 18th century, with rich ornamentation. Do not miss the pulpit in the nave by Johannes Paulus Hager of Kötzting. 

St. Nikolaus Church in Steinbühl

Gothic choir with partially preserved frescoes, baroque high altar, destination of the Whit Riders' Pilgrimage.

Whit Ride Museum

Documents, historic photographs and papers give evidence to the history of the Whit Ride.

Benedictine Fountain

Created by the sculptor Josef Neustifter in 1993 

Old town hall with carillon

Baroque building with a hipped roof and a two-storey tower. Inscriptions in Latin point to the market rights being confirmed in 1344, renewed and extended in 1756 and to 1953 when Kötzting was granted the privileges of a town. The carillon can be heard every day at 11 a.m. 

Whit Riders' Fountain

<font class="normal">Created by the sculptor J. Neustifter in 1985. Whit riders who participated in this event fifty times or more are immortalized in the base of the fountain.  

Promenade along the Weisser Regen river

With info - stops about water and historical waterwheel.

Wolfram's Lime Tree in Ried

1,000 year-old lime tree, trunk circumference 16 metres, a reminiscence of the Bavarian minnesinger Wolfram von Eschenbach, who stayed at the nearby Burg Haidstein around 1200.

Wettzell Fundamental Station

Institute for Applied Geodetics, department of Technical University of Munich
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